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Our Story

I will start from myself. I’ve never been shy person, what’s more people say I’m too much open sometimes.. At all ages I was not shy to come to a girl and ask her phone number. I even have couple techniques that work for sure! You know, everything is about confidence. 

One day I’ve been sitting in the bar with my friend. He told me: “Look at this girl, she’s gorgeous! I’d like to have a girlfriend like her but she looks too good even to talk to me”. He was shy, with no reason actually. I got this under control and in couple of minutes brought that girl to the table. You know what’s funny, my friend now is married with that girl from the bar. They have lovely kids and in every family evening they laugh on that story – story of their first meet. 
That day turned around something in my mind. I’ve been thinking a lot about how many people lost their destiny like that. Just passing by the person who can be love of your life.. Not everyone has me around to help with this :)
I decided to make something special, not like other social networks, which are too complicated if you want to find someone. I decided to create
Believe me, thousands of people who lost each other days, weeks or years ago already found themselves and asked for another meeting. This site is not only for chatting and looking for a soulmate, this is the biggest network that can connect people all around the world, can help to find someone you’ve met or saw before.